• IMPERFECT (read description) Blank Pink Gift Box, Wine Bottle Gift Box Tag, Gift-in-a-Box, Wine Gift, Pink Gift Tags (Set of 6)

    Pink Gift-in-a-Boxes Waitlist

    The pink boxes are having a VERY limited restock on December 1st. Be the first to know when they're back!

  • SALE Coffee Ornament

    The coffee bean scoop ornament I used as a gift garnish is on sale!

  • S'mores Syrup

    Just be sure to note it's sugar free lol!

  • Coffee Gift Card

    Depending on your budget for the gift, pop-in a Starbucks, Dunkin etc. gift card!

  • Pink Christmas Ribbon

    Currently on sale with code SAVINGSNOW

  • Coffee Syrup - OTHER FLAVORS

    Other coffee syrup flavor ideas if s'mores isn't your cup of tea (or coffee for that matter)

  • Ground Coffee Packets

    I can't find the link to the exact one I used but I found it in the World Market mini section in-store.

    However, any 2.5 oz coffee packet should work! Here is a sampler set I was able to find a link to. You could split it up and get 5 gifts out of it

  • Bailey's

    Skip the coffee syrup all together and go for the good stuff

  • Foam Tape

    How I attached the bow to the box without ruining the ornament

  • Instagram & TikTok Viral Watercolor Gift Tags

    Skip the coffee gift garnish & add a gift tag to the front window!

  • Mini Shopping Cart

    As seen in every video I have ever posted