Teacher Appreciation Gifting Set

6 Boxes and 6 hand-drawn Teacher Appreciation tags make gifting a breeze for all of your children's teachers this year (and at any budget).


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  • For the caffeine lover

    This viral co-worker gift idea could easily be used as a fun (and much needed) teacher appreciation gift

  • For the flower lover

    I bet they've never received a flower bouquet like this one before!

  • A little bit of everything

    How to use these boxes as a unique way to give gift cards

  • A non-gift card idea

    This viral teacher Christmas gift idea could make a unqiue teacher appreciation gift. Just find a (non-holiday obviously 😂) dishtowel and dispenser

  • For the teacher in need of some self-care

    I honestly can't think of anyone more in need of some stress relief. Depending on your budget, you could also add a gift card to a spa!

  • For the accessory lover

    For the teacher that loves bright colors and fun accessories. As well as Starbucks... of course