• Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit (set of 6) | Watercolor Espresso Martini Gift Tag | Holiday Gift Box | Holiday Hostess Gift


    The small white boxes I put the cookies in (and use in every single one of my videos)

  • Cookies

    This is the small business I got the cookies from! She makes the CUTEST things

  • Pink Christmas Tree Ribbon

    My favorite pink Christmas ribbon! It's currently 60% off

  • Mini Wine Bottle

    The cute small wine I put the box over! It also comes in a red or a pino

    But of course you could swap this out for a mini milk, bailey's etc.

  • White Pom Poms

    The small white pom poms I used on the bow and inside the box to look like snow

  • "Snow"

    I just used a regular cotton ball that I pulled apart and put at the base of the box to look like snow

  • Clear Elastics

    My go-tos for bow tying! I just use regular small hair ties to hold it together before I tie ribbon or twine over the center

  • White Fringe Ribbon

    I found this Martha Stewart fringe ribbon at Homegoods and unfortunately I cannot find the link ANYWHERE. I found this one that is slightly similar but the bad news is it doesn't come in white